Monday, June 29, 2009

The Google at Delphi

We all ask the same questions.
Sometimes, we don't want to admit to them.
And so we ask Google.
Our personal Oracle.
... and we come to discover
- that, the world over, people are hunched over their laptops at home asking whether:

Tomatoes are fruit.
Russia is in Europe.
They should have an abortion.
They should divorce their wife.
They should file jointly.
They should join the army.
They should get bangs.
They are kinky.
They are diabetic.
They are depressed.
They are in an abusive relationship.
They should have an affair.
They should have a nap.

These are the things that Google thinks you want to ask.

From the most mundane,
to the most fundamental
- questions about your life, your body, your relationships.

And, in getting to know each other, perhaps we can come to know ourselves.

from A to Z
what we want to know:

About Ourselves...

Why we do things...

and, What We Should Do...

Some Links

And, if you think that Google's coders were on the funny stuff when they wrote up their Divining Code - just remember that that is wholly in the tradition of the best diviners of our history.

The Oracle at Delphi sat at the crossroads of geologic faults, on ethylene-leaking fissures, as she dopily directed the battle plans of the Greeks.


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